Both Extrusion And Injection Machine Screw Barrel Suppliers

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Single Screw




Brief introduction:

The screw is designed for the characteristics of the material, and the yield is high. The material has good luster and full particles. Special structure design to improve the effect of plastic plasticization, increase production capacity, make the product value is higher, at the same time with a single exhaust, double exhaust structure, dry material, wet material, wash material can fully drain exhaust.

The first:

New material granulation, can be a new powder plastic, through the screw extrusion into particles.

The second:

Pelleting, in which several plastics are mixed together and then extruded through a screw to create a new particle

The third:

Cleaning and recycling material granulation, is to have done plastic products, such as: film, pipe, plate, etc., but these products have been damaged, can not be used, or in the process of production of defective products, defective products, etc., we need to put these products through crushing, cleaning, sorting to cause particles.

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