Both Extrusion And Injection Machine Screw Barrel Suppliers

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Single Screw




Brief introduction:

The screw is designed according to the principle of plastic rheology, and has strong plasticization ability, good dispersion and uniform melt temperature.

The barrel port is equipped with grooves and is equipped with forced water cooling, with an exhaust port connected to the vacuum system.

Application range:

1) PE sheet, PE sheet, PP sheet, PP sheet, PVC sheet, PVC sheet, etc. (packaging, chemical, power, engineering, machinery)

2) PS foam sheet, PS sheet, ABS sheet, etc. (insulation board, decoration, home appliance shell, bags, toys, electronic products supplies)

3) PMMA sheet, PC sheet, PETG sheet, etc. (chemical, cultural, vehicle, ship, aircraft manufacturing industry; optical lighting such as large lamp shades, explosion-proof lights, window panes of automobile aircraft) 4) PA sheet, PEEK sheet, PTFE sheet, PVDF sheet


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