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Single Screw




Brief introduction:

Screw is made of high quality alloy steel, after precision machining, and tempering and nitriding treatment, which has the best hardness and corrosion resistance, the special designed screw with forced conveying bushing, reasonable structure, stable performance, good plasticizing, high yield, low energy consumption, stratification is clear, is the production of high strength, ageing resistance, no drops, pervious to light, heat preservation functional membrane ideal choice.


Diameter of screw: φ45-φ150

Aspect ratio: 25-32

Product Type:

For different plastic ratio screw can be selected: ordinary type, pin type, barrier type, separation type, wave type, etc.

Field of Application:

A) polyethylene film

A) ordinary polyethylene film, heat-shrinkable packaging film, air cushion film, cling film (LDPE according to melt index), applied to plastic film, seedling film, daily packaging bag, food packaging film, etc.;

B) Film for heavy packaging (LDPE+LLDPE) should be used for heavy packaging bags

C) Film for greenhouses (LDPE for ordinary greenhouses, LDPE+LLDPE for enhanced greenhouses)

Two) polypropylene film

A) Blow molded packaging film (IPP film)

B) Extruded casting film (CPP film)

C) Biphasic stretch film (BOPP film)

Three) polyvinyl chloride film

A) Soft PVC blow film

B) antirust shrink film

C) Rigid PVC transparent packaging film (PVC cellophane)

Processing technology:

Nitriding treatment

Technical parameters:

Nitriding depth :0.50mm-0.80mm

Nitriding hardness :900-1000HV

Nitride brittleness :<= grade 1

Screw straightness :0.015mm

After nitriding surface chromium coating hardness: ≥950HV

Chromium plating thickness :0.025 ~ 0.085mm

Double alloy depth :3mm plating

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